Project Description

Prof. dr sc. Jovan Ćulum

PhD Jovan Ćulum

Specialist in general surgery

Born on 20th of June, 1961.

1986. – Medical College Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Diploma, medical doctor.
1994. – Medical College Belgrade – Passed the specialization in general surgery.
1998. – Medical College Banja Luka – Master degree on the subject “Bleeding from digestive tract”.
2004. – Medical College Banja Luka – Doctor dissertation on the subject “Reconstruction after gastrectomy”.
2006. – elected for the docent on Medical College on the Department of Surgery.
2011. – eleceted for Associate Professor on Medical College, Additional educations from esophageal surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

1986. – 1991. General practitioner in Drvar.
1991. – 2012. Clinic Centre Banja Luka .

Foreign languages: English.